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A complete EMR/EHR and Clinic Management system to run your clinic or health center
Appointment scheduling and Integration with Google Calendar
Queue management tools
Teleconsultation and payment gateway integration
Patient registration with Emirates ID
Paperless prescriptions and treatment plans
Play Video
Industry standard templates for record keeping
Automated invoicing available on our EMR solutions
DHA integration for eClaims, eRX and Pre-approvals
DHA/DHCC statistical reports
Integration with Laboratory equipment
Inventory Management

Our sofware is compliant with

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is responsible for establishing and maintaining a high-standard healthcare system in Dubai.

It accomplishes this by formulating policies and strategies that govern healthcare practices in both public and private hospitals and clinics throughout the city. The primary objective of the DHA is to safeguard public health and enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

NABIDH (National Unified Medical Records) is Dubai’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform designed to facilitate the seamless exchange of medical records among healthcare providers.

It serves as a central hub for connecting various Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems used by healthcare facilities in Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) initiated and launched NABIDH as a robust healthcare platform to ensure secure and reliable sharing of trusted healthcare information across both public and private healthcare facilities in the city.

Riayati is an advanced digital healthcare platform that operates as part of the National Unified Medical Record (NUMR) initiative, which was introduced under the guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Riayati revolutionizes the existing healthcare scenario in the UAE by centralizing medical records and implementing a cutting-edge, fully integrated digital clinical information system that caters to the entire population of the UAE, thereby enhancing their quality of life.

Features that benefit everyone

Our UNITE EMR & CLINIC MANAGEMENT software has been built and refined with feedback from the medical community in the UAE. With a complete suite of tools that powers the end-to-end workflow of running a clinic or wellness center, our solution stands out for being an avant-garde clinic software in Dubai and other Emirates.


Allows for a transparent and personalized relationship between the patient and healthcare provider. A secure web portal gives patients access to their health records and prescriptions. Patients can book appointments and interact with their providers through an app.


Doctors get a top down view of the clinic. View medical records, lab reports, and prescriptions of the patient across clinics. View of revenue reports, task lists and schedules. Ensure paperless data entry in pre-defined templates and seamless interaction with the front desk using our EMR systems from now on.


Nurses can now be more proactive, and patient focused. Many tasks are streamlined by our software. Nurses benefit from quick access to records, templates, paperless data entry and improved connectivity with Doctors and the Front Desk using our medical software.

Laboratory staff

Features automation and tools that make tasks like patient registration, rescheduling, follow ups and invoicing easier. The EMR system has been streamlined and optimized for clinical workflows in the context of the UAE.


Benefits from connectivity with Doctors and Nurses. Ability to schedule and sequence test hierarchies. Includes error checks and alerts, barcode creation and lab device integration. Allows for the immediate release of results in a variety of report formats.


Highly configurable software with secure data encryption. Workflow is streamlined for faster billing and better revenue cycle management every time you’re working with the most advanced clinic management software in Dubai.

Insurance coordinators

Remote access to the software over multiple devices for multiple stakeholders, subject to permissions. Easy to set up with minimal additional infrastructure needed to get the system running. System is future proof and upgradable. Customer support is provided by UNITE.

Claims Processors

The process of filing insurance claims and submitting them to the DHPO is automated in our healthcare software. The system gives you end-to-end visibility and details of the claims process. Standardized formats, error messaging and tracking from the system improves your data quality which greatly reduces the chances of your claim being rejected.

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